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We are a leading provider of car shipping and vehicle transport services in the USA. Our advanced logistics solutions and state-of-the-art technology ensure that your car is safely and efficiently transported to its destination. We specialize in car logistics and understand the importance of timely delivery for both personal and commercial vehicles. With our expert team handling the logistics, you can focus on your business and leave the transportation to us. Trust us to provide reliable and cost-effective car transport services for all your needs.

Why work with Us

  • Load and Route optimization using cloud technology and data science.
  •  Reducing shipper’s cost and improving their margin.
  •  Providing free apps carriers to maximize loads and minimize route deviation.
  •  Leveraging our technology to reduce empty miles and lower carbon footprints.

Fast + Secure

We are using Amazon Cloud Technology to reduce the manual intervention and speedup the shipper’s and carrier’s processes.

High Visibility

Our indigenous APP+ Portal combo keeps the load visible to all the involved parties – Carrier, Shipper, and Broker.

Increase Profit

Our Technological Products and Agile Operation Processes helps all the parties in saving the operation cost and hence we win together.

Reduce Carbon

Using Load and Route optimization technology, we are reducing carriers’ empty miles.

Saas Logistics is a technology platform that connects car shippers and haulers. Car Shipper


  • Get quotes, book orders and review BOLs online.
  •  Online Portal for your load tracking
  • Shipper’s Insightful Dynamic Reporting

Trusted by industry leaders


  • Minimize the Hassles
  •  24/7 Customer Support
  • Save Time and Stay Safe
  • Make more & Get paid fast within 48 hours.
Saas Logistics is a technology platform that connects car shippers and haulers. Car carriers in usa

Trusted by industry leaders

Saas Logistics experties in Car Shipping & Car Transport, vehicle transport. Car transports in usa.


  • Reliable and Quality Assured
  • Safe and Secured Transportation
  • Competitive Pricing without any quality compromise


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